"Before giving birth, my husband and I talked about if we wanted a doula. To help us decide, we invited Alison over. Immediately we knew that 1) we wanted a doula and 2) that we wanted Alison to be our doula. During her visits before we gave birth, Alison talked us through a variety of scenarios, practices, and ideas, all of which made us completely trust her but also made us trust ourselves and the birthing process. She made the process beautiful but also normal. During the birthing process, Alison came to our house, shepherded us through the various stages until it was time to go to the hospital. And then she took care of us at the hospital. It was so nice to have someone look out for our needs, someone who already deeply knew us, someone who could ensure we were focused and prepared. And then she helped us bring our beautiful daughter into the world. The birthing process might be long and tough, but Alison ensures that it will also be beautiful and peaceful."   -- Sarah, mama, Woodbury, VT

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"Alison was great.  She was there every step of the way; patient, thorough, well prepared, calm and kind.  She encouraged self empowering choices to avoid invasive and interventionist medical practices, and yet was totally supportive of any and all final choices made by us as the parents.  As she said, a healthy mama and baby is the goal."     -- Zakariah, papa, Berkeley, CA

"My husband and I were first-time parents, and we were looking for someone to help guide us through an exciting but overwhelming time. Alison was a calm, reassuring presence, both in the weeks before -- and during -- our daughter's birth. She met with us several times during my pregnancy, helping to educate us and prepare us. She answered questions honestly and without judgment. When I went into labor, Alison was a soothing voice, assisting us at home and once we arrived at the hospital. She, quite literally, held my hand through labor, giving me the confidence that I could bring a baby girl into the world, a strength that I drew on again and again in our daughter's first weeks. She has my highest recommendation."  

    -- Abbie, mama, Oakland, CA

"The first time we met Alison it was like we had known each other for years. She exudes love and we felt her positive energy right away. She fully supported our plan and also talked us through things that could happen and what to be prepared for if our plan wasn't our baby's plan. My husband was on a flight home at this time and I was so relieved to have had Alison by my side. She held me and helped me get through pushing. She gave me water when I needed it, put cold compresses on my forehead during pushing, which felt amazing and was there for me at the most important time in my life.  Alison was my advocate and spoke up for me. She ran errands for us after our birth and came to visit us at home. I also had her encapsulate my placenta which has helped my mood greatly over the past few weeks as I had been suffering from depression. Looking back I don't have any regrets and I am so grateful that we had such a loving person like Alison as our doula."                                               -- Heather, mama, Alameda, CA

"No words could ever convey how much your presence impacted me.  I'm astounded at how far you went, how long you stayed and the level of energy you carried throughout with everyone. Out of all the things we did to prepare and out of everything we set up to help, your work with us and throughout our labor days had absolutely the most impact.  You empowered me to make the right choices and to honor my needs."     -- Sara, mama, Oakland, CA