Doula Care in Vermont

Empowering Doula Care in Vermont

My approach

I believe birth is an opportunity for people to channel their inner strength and connect to a part of themselves they have yet to discover. What is so amazing to me about birth is that each time it is different and unique, unpredictable and spontaneous. It provides us with a chance to let go, follow our bodies, and welcome new life with powerful intensity. 

I wholeheartedly follow your lead, while providing the guidance you desire. This is your birth, your life, and I want you to feel like you are in charge! I happily provide support for your questions, concerns, challenges, and joys. My goal is for you to feel positive about your birth experience. 

The Important Work Of Doulas

Having the continuous one-on-one support of a doula is proven to shorten labor, reduce interventions (such as pain medication, labor augmentation and cesarean birth) by offering techniques for relaxation, focus and channeling inner strength. The outcome is a healthier baby, stronger familial bonds, and a truly empowered parent.

Learn more about the work of professional doulas, as well as why they are important through the certifying organization DONA International.

As Your Doula I Will Provide You With:

2 Prenatal Meetings, Where We Will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of your intentions for your birth

  • Discuss the respective roles of the midwife or doctor, your birth partner/s, family or friends, and myself

  • Prepare your birth plan/birth preferences

  • Go over strategies for staying healthy and low-risk

  • Discover how to best achieve your desired birth outcome

  • Answer your questions about what to expect during the final stages of pregnancy, birth and after birth

  • Practice birthing positions and coping strategies

Basic Herbal And Aromatherapy Support

Labor And Birth Support

  • Ongoing, consistent emotional support and physical support

  • Ideas for staying relaxed and encouraging progression of labor

  • Provision of knowledge and answers to your questions and concerns

  • Encouragement for you to advocate for your birth plan and preferences

  • Information and ideas for your birth partner/s to provide you with support

  • Support for and facilitation of your loved ones

  • Music, aromatherapy, heat/cold therapy, etc. as desired

  • Lactation support immediately after birth

1 Postpartum Visit

  • Check in on you and baby's emotional and physical health

  • Suggestions for recovery and healing

  • Breastfeeding support if desired

  • Recounting and processing your birth experience

Email And Phone Support Before Your Birth, during labor, and postpartum 

I will be available to you before, during and after your birth via phone and email for questions or just to chat!

Additional Services


As a doula in vermont, I serve:

Wolcott, Hardwick, Johnson, Morrisville, Stowe, Burlington, Montpelier, Worcester, Cabot, St. Johnsbury and surrounding areas. 


I am willing to work on a sliding scale for high need families and single parents. My fee ranges between $700-1000 depending on your personal needs and location.

Please contact me to discuss payment options and set up a time to meet!

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